Air Suspension Blower Permanent Magnet

Air Suspension Blower Permanent Magnet

The world’s top  Air suspension higher velocity motor specialist manufacturer

   Korea Hello-Turbine company (hiiturbine), headquartered in HangZhou town, republic of Korea, is a CZPT producer of air suspension centrifuges in South Korea. It is also the first producer to create air suspension centrifugal compressors in South Korea and has been accredited as a large-tech business by the countrywide r&d middle of South Korea.

    Hi-Turbine scientists identified aviation Turbine engine engineering is ideal for the new frictionless bearing technological innovation, investigation and development and the high performance and power saving air suspension large-speed motor, using the air suspension bearing, a variety of core engineering this sort of as sensible transducer in contrast with the current traditional blower, it can conserve electrical energy and strength consumption twenty% – thirty%, and one hundred% required no lubricating oil, upkeep-cost-free rewards, subverts the traditional centrifuge business.


                    Hi-Turbine air suspension blower 5 main positive aspects
       1,CZPT preserving and higher efficiency: in comparison with the standard roots blower, the extremely-substantial pace motor with air suspension bearing can enhance the power conserving performance by much more than 20%-30%.  

       2,Oil-cost-free upkeep-cost-free: higher-speed motor and impeller are right related by way of air suspension bearing, operating without having any friction, no lubricating oil, no high maintenance cost, no CZPTary pollution to the setting, is an environmental security item.  

      three,variable frequency: frequency conversion variety: 45% – 100%

     4,Lower noise: under 80 decibels on average

    5, Tiny dimensions: fifty% smaller than roots blower of the exact same specification


Air Foil Bearing

Bearing substance: everlasting magnet  
The motor spindle rotates at a high speed  through a high-speed motor. At the exact same time, an air film is fashioned between the spindle and the bearing. The air film generates force to make the bearing suspend and push the   impeller at the exact same time  
Due to the fact of the use of active oil-totally free air suspension bearing, no gear box so do not need lubrication gadget, easy and exact composition.
Analyzed technologies: aircraft starter ECS/ACM
Existence 50 years (semi-long lasting) 20,000 start and quit assessments.



PMMOTOR Permanent magnet higher velocity motor technological innovation

    The greatest velocity of ht-collection everlasting magnet synchronous higher-speed motor can get to 100,000rpm, with a high performance of over ninety five%. CZPTent from other standard motors, ht-sequence long lasting magnet synchronous substantial-speed motor has a great cooling impact. By way of fifteen years of motor design and style expertise, we have created the world’s most efficient and secure PM motor.

Aviation aluminum impeller with higher efficiency 

CZPT is released
Ternary circulation back bending design, wide running variety
Large toughness aviation aluminum AL7075, five axis linkage machining molding
Variable efficiency can be up to 95%
one hundred fifteen% overspeed take a look at assures safe and reputable operation



Air Suspension Blower Permanent Magnet